Q?What are intravitreal injections for.

Intravitreal injection is an injection into the vitreous. This is the jelly like substance in the eye. Aflibercept(Eylea) and
ranibizumab(Lucentis) are used  for the treatment of subfoveal choroidal
neovascularisation due to age-related macular degeneration.

Q?Where will my cataract operation be performed?

Dr John Gioulekas operates at the new St John of God Hospital in Berwick. The Hospital is  situated at 75 Kangan Drive, Berwick 3806 opposite Casey Public Hospital. The Hospital Phone number is 03 8784 5000. Parking is available at the hospital.

Q?How long will I be in hospital for my cataract operation?

Most cataract surgery is performed as day surgery. You will be in hospital for about 2 to 3 hours. This will also vary with the time of your admission and complexity of surgery.

Q?What day will my cataract surgery be on?

Dr Gioulekas operates electively every second Tuesday all day and once a month all day on a Thursday. The hospital does have facilities for overnight stay if patients require it for medical reasons or patients who live a long distance from Berwick. The hospital  now has an Intensive Care Unit(ICU) and a High Dependency Unit(HDU).

Q?Can I claim my visit to the eye specialist from Medicare?

Yes. With a valid referral you can claim the consultation fee from Medicare. The staff can usually assist you with regards to online claiming.

Q?Is there parking on site?

Our new location will have 10 car parking spaces just for our patients. There are also numerous 2-hour car parking spots on Gloucester avenue just in front of our practice.

Q?Will I need dilating drops for my examination?

Most new patients will require dilating drops for the initial examination. Diabetics attending for annual review will require dilating drops and some Glaucoma patients as well. Some patients with other ocular conditions may also require dilating drops. Patients who require special imaging such as OCT scans may also need dilation to obtain good quality images. This can blur the vision for up to 2 hours. It is strongly recommended you bring a driver or make alternative arrangements if you are having dilating drops.